Naruto Manga 665 – Naruto 665 English

The chakra that Hashirama gave Sasuke will likely be a powerup for Sasuke getting the Rinnegan.Also,naruto 665 the mysterious figure is undoubtedly Kabuto even though Karin said she never sensed that chakra before. The thing is that Karin never met or even came in contact with a SM Kabuto so it would make sense for it to still be Kabuto.This chapter had so many wasted panels. Minato and Kushina flashback was shown 20 times already. It’s time to let that go.Tenten and Team guy stuff was irrelevant, especially the comment made about Neji. Tenten just reached the status of Sakura with that comment. Since when was Neji’s death supposed to be a joke for a comedy routine..


naruto manga 665

naruto manga 665


The chains linked to the Gedo are another matter entirely, and just because every Uzumaki doesn’t posses it doesn’t mean it isn’t distinct to the clan, every Uchiha doesn’t get to sport a Sharingan, doesn’t change the link between the two. So why bring up swirly Zetsu in this context? No it isn’t the point, because this discussion began long before the reveal of swirly Zetsu. This began as a question of what the others were doing, and how their availability could’ve contributed. You questioned that from the beginning, swirly Zetsu couldn’t have been the reason you decided to criticise my point because you aren’t prescient. I’ve seen some taijutsu crack some Susanoos, and this was in reference to Madara’s absorption ability, and the Sharingan didn’t stop the Uchiha brothers from being affected by Tayuya’s genjutsu, the Sharingan is immune to visual genjutsus, one’s that attack through the auditory system are another matter entirely.

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