Naruto 698 Chapter – Kaguya 5 new dimensions

A new villain won’t work in this arc. The best Kishi naruto 689 can do is bring an old one back. A villain has to establish himself to do a proper job. He has to show off his ability and ambition. He has to dazzle us with his charisma and has to be menacing. There’s just no time for a new villain to do that in this arc.

naruto manga 689

naruto manga 689

Madara can do it when he makes his comeback, but no one else could.I wouldn’t be surprised if Kaguya is simply a stepping stone for the real villain, her father. At this point in time, I get the impression that Kishimoto is stalling: the manga is going around in circles and he has not committed himself to a set character or motive for Kaguya. All of this leads me to believe he is in the process of planning out the next arc and how to tie Kaguya into it.

As for what will happen this chapter, more of the same I guess. The trio will have some success but at the end Kaguya will power up.

Seriously though, Kakashi should have Kamuid Sakura.Everyone is failing…. Kaguya is a plot device that will expand the whole Naruto World.

Kishi made Kaguya appear in order to expand the Naruto World.

5 new dimensions/places that have buildings thus could have other people ???
An army of Zetsu on Naruto World to use against what exactly ???
Possible alien’s or an alien place in the story from where Kaguya came ???

Before her story ends…. the story will expand the Naruto World thus will allow Kishi to make new ideas on the whole New Era opening project, hell even a part 3.

Madara didn’t get a conclusion so he might be the FV or even Orochimaru as long as the fruit is still in play cuz all chakra is becoming one right now with the MT happening.

Naruto 688 – Kaguya, Hagoromo, and Hamura’s successors

I wonder about Naruto 688 Kaguya, Hagoromo, and Hamura’s successors. As most of us remember, Kimimaro’s last name was Kaguya, and was a part of the Kaguya clan. Their specialty was bone creation/manipulation and was exclusive to their clan. I think that is no coincidence. There’s also the unknown Hagoromo clan. I wonder how these clans came to be and what their connection was to those of days past, if any at all. I also wonder how we’ll hear about Kaguya’s back story.

naruto 688

naruto 688

She’s said to be a princess, and in one dimension there was a castle. If those dimensions really are remnants of a civilization now lost, I wonder how she became interested in humans and the affairs of man (wars). In the interest of time, I think Hagoromo left out some important details that were seemingly unimportant at the time, due to Naruto and Sasuke’s dire situation. I doubt she’ll be killed off without further elaborating on why she is trying to do the things she is, but she doesn’t seem as open with divulging information like say, Madara. And again, in the interest of time, I don’t know if Hagoromo will deem it important enough to tell the hokages of her past and why she is the way she is (Other than the power she received driving her mad).

Naruto 660 – Read Naruto Confirmed 660

Get newest Naruto 660 spoiler pics and abstracts here. Naruto chapter 660 manga spoiler will be released on wednesday night or thursday forenoon. Now, what can you state about the next Naruto 660 chapter? where will it proceed from there? seem free to talk about it here.

naruto 660 manga

naruto 660

I may be in the minority, but I think Madara is too strong. I just can’t imagine how Naruto and co are going to take down such a powerful person. Rinnegan, the strongest Susanoo we seen thus far, the rest of his Sharingan abilities, complete mastery of ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu, and he has senjutsu. At this point, the only person stopping Madara the Sage himself. Might as well possess Naruto, because no way he wins against this. The worst part is I expect bodies to drop, but we’re not going to get any of this I bet. I think bee will die to be honest …and what I hope for is that Madara does not get TNJ …and I think Madara was just playing with them when he did Limbo Hengoku …well he sounded like he was playing. You’re right when you say Madara is too strong though but I don’t think he will use Susanoo again and he basically overwhelmed a Bijuu mode Naruto as well as nine others which only the incomplete larval stage Juubi was able to do and Madara was playing on top of that …I hope he has much more abilities that he’s been kept hiding.

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