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we can deduce out the one piece 839 fight is over because at the end of the chapter it says “the next morning”, hence the fight is no more. Luffy must have come out victorious or else he’s dead. Cracker was not going for an injury, he came there to kill. Can’t imagine a scenario where one of them just simply flees. Cracker can’t because of BM, Luffy can’t because of BM.

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If Luffy flees from Biscuit man, how can he possibly reach Sanji? Possibly save him? I know Cracker’s strong, it’s his clone that has 860m bounty, real thing is a little higher than that but still, I believe Luffy could be at such level now. I do indeed read the posts here so I know someone made a couple of long posts for previous chapter stating and showing how Luffy faced Fujitora, how he said there’ll be no more running from strong guys and etc., therefore I believe Cracker is done for. I do not wanna bad-mouth Urouge, who knows what powers he has, but let’s just say he was not one of the most favourite and hyped Supernovas and yet he still managed to take down one of BMs commanders who should be in Cracker’s league too. We do not know if Urouge was enough but I’d say he was, so why should not Luffy emerge victorious now? He’ll be worn out as hell though. Injured too, that cut through his hand was a real thing.


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Get newest One Piece 733 spoiler pics and abstracts here. One Piece chapter 733 manga spoiler will be released on wednesday night or thursday forenoon. Now, what can you state about the next One Piece 733 chapter? where will it proceed from there? seem free to talk about it here.

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If Franky is going to have a hard time against senor pink i’ll be disappointed, after all he took on Buffalo and Baby 5 by himself and won easily, only if this guy has some tricks with his devil fruit but will get KOed by only one punch when Franky capture him. All other executive members will be on the same level with the exeption of Gladius and Lao G, the seem more powerfull: Gladius was shown talking with Baby 5 and it was obvious he is much stronger than her. Lao G was hinted more powerfull especially at first they only sent him to protect the toy house and he is more experienced also i have the feeling that he is the most powerfull executive ( dont ask me for an argument it’s just what I think untill i’m proved wrong ) Even if the story switch to Luffy, the fight between him and whoever won’t be satisfying that you still labeled as boring. The good bit about Luffy won’t happen until most of the other fights are resolved. We know 3 executives are ordered to be there already. More will likely come. The mission must be accomplished, there are a whole bunch of allies/characters are holding up because of Trebol/Sugar. So I wonder how Oda will go about this, because it is a very delicate situation, since Oda won’t swing the favor way too much in Luffy’s side. Certainly it will be interesting to see how Oda timed the coliseum bit and the factory bit. Because both parts will most likely end about the same time. Especially most of Diamante’s subordinates are no longer there.

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One Piece Manga 731 | One Piece 731

The new one piece 731 is coming, the latest one piece manga 731 chapter will be available as soon as they are released by our respective publishers. Just wait for one piece 731 spoilers and one piece 731 raw pics with English translation.

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The entrance of Big Mom is definitely a surprise, but I guess shouldn’t be as much of a surprise since we know that her two guys saw Luffy on the PH telecast when Ceasar was trying to show how powerful his new weapon was. The question is how she found out to go to Dressrossa…and since she had several ships going with them, it doesn’t look like she expected to run into the SHs again. I think she was headed to take down DD and get CC since she may have found out information about how Kaido was increasing his Yonkou strength with an army of Zoan users from smile. Lastly, this seems to be getting intense, and Luffy is definitely going to skip out on the Mera mera….which leaves it open for so many situations. But I’m sure it is tied back to the premonition of madam Shirley on FI. So I am thinking we are going to get a revisit to FI after reconnecting with his crew at Zhou. All that said, I’m really hoping to see some serious action with Zoro and Luffy going to the palace to get at DD. I feel like Big Mom will either forgive Luffy or grant him mercy once if she really is Lola’s mom. Given Luffy wants to take down the Yonkou though, I’m guessing she’ll just show mercy once, but given Luffy’s personality, I could also see respect or like for Luffy and/or the Straw Hats developing. There’s just too many factors against the Straw Hats here that something has to give – Doflamingo, the Marine, and Big Mom are all the Straw Hats’ enemies, I doubt they can take on the three groups and survive.