Naruto 660 – Read Naruto Confirmed 660

Get newest Naruto 660 spoiler pics and abstracts here. Naruto chapter 660 manga spoiler will be released on wednesday night or thursday forenoon. Now, what can you state about the next Naruto 660 chapter? where will it proceed from there? seem free to talk about it here.

naruto 660 manga

naruto 660

I may be in the minority, but I think Madara is too strong. I just can’t imagine how Naruto and co are going to take down such a powerful person. Rinnegan, the strongest Susanoo we seen thus far, the rest of his Sharingan abilities, complete mastery of ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu, and he has senjutsu. At this point, the only person stopping Madara the Sage himself. Might as well possess Naruto, because no way he wins against this. The worst part is I expect bodies to drop, but we’re not going to get any of this I bet. I think bee will die to be honest …and what I hope for is that Madara does not get TNJ …and I think Madara was just playing with them when he did Limbo Hengoku …well he sounded like he was playing. You’re right when you say Madara is too strong though but I don’t think he will use Susanoo again and he basically overwhelmed a Bijuu mode Naruto as well as nine others which only the incomplete larval stage Juubi was able to do and Madara was playing on top of that …I hope he has much more abilities that he’s been kept hiding.

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One Piece 733 – Read One Piece Confirmed 733

Get newest One Piece 733 spoiler pics and abstracts here. One Piece chapter 733 manga spoiler will be released on wednesday night or thursday forenoon. Now, what can you state about the next One Piece 733 chapter? where will it proceed from there? seem free to talk about it here.

one piece 733 manga

one piece 733

If Franky is going to have a hard time against senor pink i’ll be disappointed, after all he took on Buffalo and Baby 5 by himself and won easily, only if this guy has some tricks with his devil fruit but will get KOed by only one punch when Franky capture him. All other executive members will be on the same level with the exeption of Gladius and Lao G, the seem more powerfull: Gladius was shown talking with Baby 5 and it was obvious he is much stronger than her. Lao G was hinted more powerfull especially at first they only sent him to protect the toy house and he is more experienced also i have the feeling that he is the most powerfull executive ( dont ask me for an argument it’s just what I think untill i’m proved wrong ) Even if the story switch to Luffy, the fight between him and whoever won’t be satisfying that you still labeled as boring. The good bit about Luffy won’t happen until most of the other fights are resolved. We know 3 executives are ordered to be there already. More will likely come. The mission must be accomplished, there are a whole bunch of allies/characters are holding up because of Trebol/Sugar. So I wonder how Oda will go about this, because it is a very delicate situation, since Oda won’t swing the favor way too much in Luffy’s side. Certainly it will be interesting to see how Oda timed the coliseum bit and the factory bit. Because both parts will most likely end about the same time. Especially most of Diamante’s subordinates are no longer there.

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Bleach 563 – Read Bleach Confirmed 563

Get newest bleach 563 spoiler pics and abstracts here. bleach chapter 563 manga spoiler will be released on wednesday night or thursday forenoon. Now, what can you state about the next bleach 563 chapter? where will it proceed from there? seem free to talk about it here.

bleach 563 manga

bleach 563

We have no idea what the training was. Rukia does and she knows it is uber… also, they apparently foreshadow the possibility of rukia and renji having a duo attack. or at least fighting together against some of the top tier quincy, which superstar is not. and- to those who just have man love crushes on the vizards, they were always weak. non of them were spectacular captains to begin with, and just getting hollow access does not make you the next kenpachi. It does offer cool moves, it does offer plot line bad assness, if tite wants, but all in all, the vizards are just barely above normal captains. they might not even be captains if aizen and the quincy had not killed so many. but they had the experience, and the bankais, so they kind of fell into the promotions as far as I am concerned. quit bitching, the vizards were never that awesome. to relate their power against normal captains or against the quincy is an argument without relevant scale. you are comparing grapes to grapefruit. as for Renji,-Combine the training with an all new specially forged zanpaktou and what do you expect. I expect that the new zanpaktou would have no problems blocking something as lame as star beam. as for the other captain getting shot with star beam, my only problem is that the hole went completely through him incinerating his spine, but hey, its bleach verse, not a real body, so I am not amazed that he is knocked out but still alive. Rukia will provide field support and take them for treatment. – BESIDES- if they got whoooped that bad, they will be itching for payback. This initial smak down might just be a way to make the vizords shine later on so chill beshes..chill. Also,the two vizords did not kill james, they cut him in half, apparently his life is also tied to the superstar. chop him in half its ok, – dice his skull into 5 pieces and then he is out. Renji did not need to go bankai, sure it was unexpected that the other captains would fall so easy to him but remember, they played his game.they did not instantly kill james off, or make sure he was dead, they attacked the superstar directly which is his greatest defense.

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