Naruto 698 Chapter – Kaguya 5 new dimensions

A new villain won’t work in this arc. The best Kishi¬†naruto 689 can do is bring an old one back. A villain has to establish himself to do a proper job. He has to show off his ability and ambition. He has to dazzle us with his charisma and has to be menacing. There’s just no time for a new villain to do that in this arc.

naruto manga 689

naruto manga 689

Madara can do it when he makes his comeback, but no one else could.I wouldn’t be surprised if Kaguya is simply a stepping stone for the real villain, her father. At this point in time, I get the impression that Kishimoto is stalling: the manga is going around in circles and he has not committed himself to a set character or motive for Kaguya. All of this leads me to believe he is in the process of planning out the next arc and how to tie Kaguya into it.

As for what will happen this chapter, more of the same I guess. The trio will have some success but at the end Kaguya will power up.

Seriously though, Kakashi should have Kamuid Sakura.Everyone is failing…. Kaguya is a plot device that will expand the whole Naruto World.

Kishi made Kaguya appear in order to expand the Naruto World.

5 new dimensions/places that have buildings thus could have other people ???
An army of Zetsu on Naruto World to use against what exactly ???
Possible alien’s or an alien place in the story from where Kaguya came ???

Before her story ends…. the story will expand the Naruto World thus will allow Kishi to make new ideas on the whole New Era opening project, hell even a part 3.

Madara didn’t get a conclusion so he might be the FV or even Orochimaru as long as the fruit is still in play cuz all chakra is becoming one right now with the MT happening.